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Black Friday special at Natural News introduces Ranger Gear, our new line of preparedness and survival products

Happy Thanksgiving! Today I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Ranger Gear, our new line of survival and preparedness products for those who appreciate quality, affordable and practical gear.

During this introductory weekend only (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), you can save 20% off our entire new line of Ranger Gear when you purchase any 3-pack of Heritage Whey Protein. Click here for the link at the Natural News Store. (No coupon code needed. Discount is automatically calculated in the checkout cart.)

You’re going to love Heritage Whey Protein! It’s sourced from New Zealand and it’s laboratory validated for cleanliness and purity (no GMOs, no sugar sweeteners, no chemical sweeteners, no soy, no maltodextrin, etc.).

Ranger Gear is quality, affordable survival and preparedness gear approved by the Health Ranger

The Ranger Gear product line includes:

• An amazing multifunction shovel emblazoned with the American flag and the phrase “Come and Take It.” This shovel features a multitude of expedient tools contained in the shovel handle. Each segment of the handle detaches to reveal a different tool. Although cheaper multifunction shovels are available elsewhere, for our Ranger Gear brand we’ve enhanced the durability of the shovel connection plate with the handle, added a long length of paracord to the handle end, and added a quick-change spring-loaded ratcheting system for rapid changing of the shovel angle (for our “extreme” edition). Every vehicle should have this emergency multifunction shovel!

• We have two varieties of inflatable, solar-powered LED lanterns that light up any tent or room for hours. These lanterns are extremely easy to pack flat, they contain their own wafer-thin permanent batteries, and they recharge in full sunlight using embedded solar panels. They’re super easy to use, ultra reliable and easy to carry.

• Check out our paracord survival kits that wrap survival supplies inside a paracord bundle that fits in your pocket (or clips to your belt loop with the included carabiner). These survival kits, available in several different paracord colors and textures, include 9 feet of paracord, carabiner, tin foil, fire starting tinder, alcohol pad, knife blade, flint rod, 2 weights, 2 swivels, 15-foot fishing line, 2 floats, 2 fishing hooks, iron wire, safety pin and needle. An awesome gift for anyone.

• Folding credit card knife with STEEL blade and handle! This amazing knife folds into the shape and thickness of a credit card. Yet when folded like origami, it produces a razor-sharp steel bladed knife with a steel handle and thumb guard. (We also have steel knives with polymer handles that are more economical.) This is the ultimate expedient knife that fits easily in any purse or pocket. Just be sure not to take it through airport security!

• Paracord bracelet with fire starter, cutting edge and emergency whistle: This isn’t the “usual” paracord bracelets you’ve seen. This bracelet has a clasp that contains a fire starting device (magnesium rod), a small cutting edge for shaving the magnesium rod (and can be used as an emergency small knife), plus an emergency whistle. We also have bracelets with a precision watch, too!

Check out the full line of Ranger Gear at this link on the Natural News Store. Purchase any 3-pack of Heritage Whey Protein at this link and you’ll save 20% off all Ranger Gear purchased at the same time! (Black Friday, Saturday and Sunday only…)

More Ranger Gear coming in 2016

What you see so far on is just the first wave of the product line. We have much more coming soon in 2016, including a very nice custom folding knife that I’ve personally spec’d out for enhanced rigidity on the liner lock.

Throughout 2016, we plan to roll out a full assortment of survival and prepper gear, and we’re actively sourcing more items made in the USA so that we can support U.S. manufacturing and innovation.

Shop now at

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