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Preppers see Hurricane Harvey as a precursor for what’s coming: Some disasters are just too big even for governments to handle

In recent days as Hurricane Harvey began inundating eastern and central Texas with historic rains that led to massive flooding and widespread damage, state officials praised the Trump administration and the president himself for responding so quickly to their requests for disaster assistance.

As The National Sentinel reported, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, in an interview on the Laura Ingraham Show on Monday, said criticism of Trump was both politically motivated and unjustified.

Saying “this is not the time” to level such criticism, he added in response to Trump’s planned Tuesday visit, “The president has approached this as a businessman and gone into action. Gov. Abbott has been in control. We’re doing everything we can. So when the president comes, the president comes.”

He noted further: “But I will say this, and I’d say it’s down to politics in all of this. But for anyone to criticize the president or anyone else, this is not the time. First of all, he has really been on top of this with Gov. Abbott, I can tell you.”

High praise indeed. And for sure, Trump — along with Texas officials — were quick to deploy assets. Trump immediately signed off on Gov. Abbott’s request to declare parts of his state a disaster area, which released federal assistance and set in motion the long process of rebuilding, while Abbott wasted no time in calling up the entire Texas Army and Air National Guard to assist flood victims.

But as we’ve seen in the days since, Hurricane Harvey is proving to a massive storm that has completely submerged entire regions. Roads and bridges are failing. Rescuers have been fired upon by looters. Up to 50 inches of rain have fallen so far. And the peak of flooding isn’t even expected for several more days. There have been allegations of price-gouging.

The Pentagon is preparing to send an additional 30,000 Guard troops if Texas requests them — and it looks like that may happen given the magnitude of the storm. Dozens of Guard helicopters have been sent and as many as 100 may eventually take to the skies over Texas to assist in rescue efforts.

Still, with all of this response, there will be more suffering as hundreds of thousands of displaced Texans try to find some relief. (Related: Survival report from inside Hurricane Harvey: The flooding has begun… and it’s brutal.)

Preppers have long known that these kinds of scenarios can quickly get bigger than the resources available to handle them. While it appears as though eventually there will be enough of them on hand to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, you have to ask yourself the same question Natural News founder and editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, asked recently as he reported from inside the storm: What happens if the disaster is much bigger and involves far more territory and people?

Speaking of the damage caused thus far by Harvey, Adams noted it’s “mild compared to a grid-down event or a nuclear attack, say from North Korea, or an outbreak of chaos or civil war…” In those instances, which are very plausible in today’s unstable, uncertain world, the sheer magnitude of the event will quickly outstrip available resources.

“The bottom line is, you gotta be prepared, you gotta think ahead,” Adams noted. “If you don’t have the gear, if you don’t have the food, the water, the emergency medicines, the radios, flashlights, batteries, a generator — all of the things that you need…if you don’t have that, you’re not going to be able to get help when you need it, you’re gonna be cut off” and on your own.

And most people won’t survive that.

Check out Adams’ full report here:

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

Sources include:

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