Safety first: Tips for stocking your First Aid kit before SHTF

From treating minor cuts and wounds to major medical emergencies, there is no doubt that having a well-stocked first aid kit can go a long way in treating various injuries in a survival situation. In dire circumstances, what you have in your first aid kit might even mean the difference between life and death. Stay prepared for any medical emergencies by following these useful tips for stocking your first aid kit even before SHTF. (h/t to

Create and customize your own first aid kit

You might think that the basic first aid kit that you can purchase at your local pharmacy will be enough to treat any potential injuries in a survival situation, but different people can have different medical needs. This is why it is generally a wiser decision to create your own first aid kit that you can customize to suit your own specific health needs, as opposed to just relying on a standard first aid kit. Think about what a basic first aid kit will be lacking. Do you or your loved ones have any chronic health conditions? If so, you might want to have all your bases covered, and stock your first aid kit with the necessary life-saving medication that can treat those specific health conditions. Identify what potential injuries you may need to treat. You can determine this by looking at your family’s history of previous injuries. A lot of this can depend on what kind of physical activities you and your family members engage in.

Create a checklist of medical supplies

Having an inventory of your medical supplies can easily let you know if you are running low on any of your first aid items. This can make it easy for you to replenish your supplies without ever running out completely. You can also use your checklist to figure out what specific medical supplies you tend to use up a lot. This way, when you need to restock, you can already buy those items in bulk to save on expenses. It can also help your first aid supplies last longer in between resupply times. In case your first aid kit contains any items that have a limited shelf life, you will also be able to use the checklist to make sure that these items can be replaced once they reach their expiration dates. Some important first aid supplies that you should include in your checklist are sterile gauze pads, adhesive bandages, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment, medical scissors, tweezers, alcohol, sterile rubber gloves, and medical tape. (Related: A list of medical supplies you need to be stockpiling NOW before SHTF.)

Arrange the contents of your first aid kit in an organized manner

Your first aid supplies should not just be tossed into any container haphazardly. Not only will this make it hard for you to sort through the items in an emergency, but it may also make it more difficult to keep everything sterile as the contents of bottles may leak accidentally. You can compartmentalize your first aid kit by using plastic sandwich bags to keep all the items separate. You can also keep your first aid kit neat and tidy by placing everything in a container that has different compartments, is easy to carry, and is simple to open. That way, you can see all your first aid supplies instantly the moment you open your kit.

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