Consider this first before you decide to bug out in your RV

Despite their name, recreational vehicles (RVs) can be used for much more than just recreation. If ever SHTF, bugging out in an RV might sound like a good option. You might even want to live off the grid using one. Of course, the RV lifestyle does come with its own share of advantages and disadvantages. Take these points into consideration before deciding if bugging out in an RV is right for you. (

Pros of bugging out in an RV

  • Home on the road. You can take the comforts of home with you and bring them along, wherever you go. As long as you have enough electricity, your RV can have working appliances, such as a television, a microwave, a refrigerator, and a freezer. You can also power a water heater for hot showers. If your RV is parked in an area with good reception, you can even have internet connection. An RV provides a place to sleep, eat, cook, shower, and more, but it also has the advantage of not being bound by a single location. You can even bring your pets along as you travel.
  • Supportive RV community. Some people might consider RVers as wandering nomads, moving around from place to place, always leaving and never putting down any roots or establishing permanent connections and relationships. However, this is far from the norm of RV living. Many people choose to live the RV lifestyle, and as such, this has resulted in a helpful and supportive RV community. People from the RV community are often more than willing to lend a helping hand and share advice on all things RV-related. Traveling everywhere in an RV allows you to meet people from all walks of life.
  • Mobility and flexibility. In case of emergencies, you can always be on the go and ready to move to safer locations. Your options for a bug out location are almost limitless, only restricted by where you can bring your RV or where you are allowed to park.
  • Self-sustainability. There are many options for sustainable living while on an RV. If your gas generator runs out of fuel, you can rely on a solar generator instead. Other off-grid options your RV can carry include solar ovens, rocket stoves, and battery-powered fans. If you find a semi-permanent location where you can park your RV, you can even start your own small-scale homestead. You can grow a small garden and raise a few chickens.

Cons of bugging out in an RV

  • Repairs and maintenance. As the name implies, RVs were mainly meant to be used for recreational purposes, not for full time dwelling. Constant use will lead to a lot of wear and tear. RVs require a lot of maintenance. If you don’t take proper care of it, it will only be a matter of time before your RV starts breaking down. If you plan to bug out in your RV for an extended period of time, be sure to learn everything you can about basic care and maintenance of your RV. (Related: Your SHTF guide to bugging out in an RV.)
  • Highly dependent on fuel. Mobility comes with a cost and that cost is fuel. With the rising prices of gasoline, you might not be able to go very far, depending on your budget. You will run out of it eventually, making it very easy to get stranded. If you become stranded somewhere unsafe, you will be left completely vulnerable.
  • Sanitation. A cramped living space often comes with sanitation issues, especially if that space is shared by several people. You’ll also need to find safe places to dump the contents of your RV holding tank. Improper disposal can quickly create a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

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