The gun control push is really about “knowledge control” – keeping the public ILLITERATE about how guns are actually made (and how they work)

Following a federal court’s decision last week to block the online publication of blueprints that show how to build a firearm using a 3D printer, the designer of those plans, Cody Wilson, has spent days defending himself.

The fight isn’t about guns, he argues, it’s really about the First Amendment and whether the government will recognize it cannot indefinitely bar him from publishing those blueprints under our Constitution.

But as Wilson takes every opportunity to explain why he’s in the right – and he is, in our view – the disgustingly dishonest establishment media is waging a campaign of misinformation about 3D-printed firearms, and they’re getting plenty of assistance from anti-gun Democrats.

As reported by Ammoland, a massive misinformation campaign has begun and is being propagated by Left-wing politicians and local media, especially in large Democrat-run cities where leaders are behaving like ruling juntas in third-world dictatorships by, in part, controlling access to correct information.

In June the government reached a settlement with Wilson’s company, Defense Distributed, that would make 3D gun blueprints available for downloading, which, as Ammoland reports, resulted in the “expected ‘sky is falling’ uproar from the gun-grabbers.” That, so far, has come in the form of a federal judge in Seattle blocking publication of the blueprints and various lawsuits filed by cities and states. (Related: 3D Gun Printing Company Gets Support of U.S. Representatives.)

In addition to violating Americans’ First and Second Amendment rights, according to the Prince Law Offices, the reasons being given by officials for launching legal action are patently false and absurd.

Virtue signaling and lies from the Left

“As you can see from the Complaint, [Pennsylvania] Governor [Tom] Wolf and Attorney General [Josh] Shapiro make multiple false statements about both the factual background (e.g.that the Defense Distributed ‘provide[s] guns to residents of the Commonwealth’) and the law (e.g. that electronic data constitutes a firearm and that the UFA or GCA regulate data),” attorney Joshua Prince explained in an online post.

“More importantly, there are numerous ways to challenge this action, including my hope that Defense Distributed, et al., files a counterclaim under 42 U.S.C. §§ 1983, 1988 for violation of their constitutional rights and that Governor Wolf and AG Shapiro can explain to the residents of the Commonwealth, why the taxpayers have been hit with a several hundred thousand dollar attorney fee award,” he continued.

In addition, notes Ammoland, the officials are making the standard ‘commonsense gun safety’ lie and are making “inane promises” they know are not going to materialize, as well as claims that barring Wilson’s constitutional rights will somehow keep people safer (because they won’t be able to print plastic guns).

Others are making equally ridiculous claims such as 3D guns are “untraceable” and “undetectable.” First of all, 3D-printed guns cannot stand up to the rigors of live fire; the pressure generated by real bullets is too great and the blast too hot for plastic parts to withstand.

For another, the fact that such weapons would have bullets in them, to begin with, makes them detectable. As far as that goes, airport X-ray machines routinely miss the vast majority of deadly weapons and bombs smuggled in baggage sent through by Department of Homeland Security “Red Teams” that regularly test screening effectiveness.

The Left hates guns. They hate the fact that our founders understood the use of firearms for self-defense and as a check against people like today’s Democratic Party is a God-given – not government-given – right. They hate it whenever anyone finds a new and better way to strengthen the Second Amendment and ensure that more Americans are free to enjoy it. That’s why they want to shut Wilson down again.

Will they succeed? Not if the truth about 3D firearms wins out.

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