The Ultimate Knife / Karambit defense creator Dennis Ocampo joins with amazing self-defense video series

Look at all the amazing self-defense training material now available on!

In addition to the REAL Self-Defense firearms self-defense series already on, plus James Yeager from Tactical Response having just joined (with a full video library soon to come), the creator of / “Cold Dead Hands Karambit” has also joined with a series of self-defense videos that can teach you to save your own life.

Posting under the channel name “Karambit,” Dennis Ocampo, a self-defense combat instructor, has already posted 8 videos (with more to come):

These videos feature CDHK Defense Drills, escape tactics and combat moves that both men and women can use to defend themselves against violent attackers.

Having been trained in edged weapons combat, I’m not only familiar with the karambit used by Ocampo in these videos; it’s almost identical to the karambit I carry myself! These combat knifes are extremely effective in so many ways, and they’re very difficult for opponents to take away from you due to the secure finger loop.

See Karambit Defense Drills, Lesson 1 of 10 here:

Watch more karambit self-defense drills and tactics at Ocampo’s channel page:

We had over 350 people join just today, by the way. Set up your own channel for free at:


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