SHTF Prepping video library uploaded to Learn how to grow food, bug out, disarm attackers and build bulletproof armor

An exciting new prepping channel has uploaded 103 videos (so far) to It’s called SHTFPrepping101, and it features videos that teach you lifesaving skills such as:

  • How to defend yourself without a gun
  • How to create a rainwater collection system
  • How to build a homemade hydroponics growing system
  • How to build your own Faraday cage
  • How to preserve bans and rice with dry canning
  • How to make your own homemade bulletproof armor
  • How to harden your doors for survival during social chaos
  • How to filter water in an emergency

Here’s one video from the new channel, describing a “free and virtually unlimited fuel” source to heat your home:

See more videos from this exciting new channel at:




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